Ricky Fankaz Daga
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Multisamples snare, kick, tom1, and floor tom from the record "Smoking 45" of the Italian stoner rock band FIRPO CHOMPEAVY, produced and recorded at Titans Lab Recording Studio.
The samples have been polished and prepared to be ready to use in your productions. You will find that are perfect to use in combination with your session drums.

7 hits WAV files 24/48 + TCI file for Slate Trigger.

SNARE: 14x08"
MICS: Shure SM57 on top + Sennheiser e606 on bottom
PRE-AMP: Focusrite ISA ONE+Black Lion Audio Seventeen Compressor+
Universal Audio X8 AD/DA

KICK: Drumkraft Maple 22
MICS: Audix D6 in, self-built sub out
PRE-AMP: Universal Audio X8 AD/DA

TOM1: Drumkraft Maple 12
MICS: Audix i5
PRE-AMP: Universal Audio X8 AD/DA

FLOOR TOM: Dumkraft Maple 16
MICS: Audix D4
PRE-AMP: Universal Audio X8 AD/DA

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